Zippered re-usable cotton muslin packaging
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38″ Acid-Free Muslin Veil Bag and Hanger


Dimensions: 38” x 18”

Our 38″ 100% cotton muslin veil bags are acid-free and an elegant and practical way to safely store your wedding veil or other precious clothing.  Can be personalized.


Product Description

Dimensions: 38” x 18”

Our 38" 100% cotton muslin garment bags are acid-free and an elegant and practical way to safely store veils.  The kit comes with a padded hanger with a strut to make hanging your veil convenient.

The 38" garment bag buttons up the front and will keep your veil free of dust in your closet and protect them from contaminants. A light vacuuming is all that is ever required to remove dust. Our garment bags come packaged in a protective cotton muslin bag that can be re-used to safely store other precious accessories from your wedding, other special memories or household items.  

Muslin is non-acidic, stable and provides a buffer against light, humidity and contaminants.Museums use muslin for textile conservation and preservation for this reason.


  • An elegant 17 ¾" muslin padded hanger which is designed to minimize stress on your delicate garments during storage.
  • Acid-free tissue which should be used to pad folds in the veil.
  • A pair of white cotton gloves to keep any oils from your hands off of the veil.
  • A sturdy ID tag slips over the hanger for easy identification of the garment or to hold extras.
  • Zippered re-usable cotton muslin packaging.

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Additional Information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions14 x 14 x 4 in

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