Veil Bags

Our acid-free 100% cotton muslin veil bag kits are perfect for hanging your veil, or laying it flat.  Laying the veil in a bag takes up less space than storing it in a box. Laying fabric flat, especially delicate lacy fabrics, is always preferred, so that the veil does not stretch, but not everyone has the ability to do so. Both our veil bags come with a 17 ¾” muslin hanger, padded with cotton batting. The strut on this hanger is perfect for placing your veil. These kits also work perfectly for scarves and shawls.

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    Embroidery Personalization

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  • Muslin Veil Bag

    Veil 38″ Acid-Free Muslin Bag and Hanger

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  • Muslin Veil Bag

    Veil 48″ Acid-Free Muslin and Hanger

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