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Here you will find information and links to pictures of our NEW products.

Basic information can be found at  If you need pictures for any of our other products please email me at [email protected]

We have 3 new product lines since Clean 2017.  (Photos of all products at the bottom). 

Premium Keepsake Line

Our Premium line of Keepsake Pak boxes are designed for our distributors to compete with the catalog houses.  They come in 2 sizes (traditional / 32” x 19 ½” x 7 ¼” and deep / 32” x 19 ½” x 10 ¼”) and 2 colors (white and gold), for a total of 4 different boxes.  These pH neutral boxes come assembled with acid-free tissue and a bust form in a shipping carton that has a convenient plastic handle.  They are also available knocked down in cartons of 6.

Oxford Cloth Garment & Travel Bags

We are also very proud of our new Oxford cloth garment and travel bags.  These bags are made of 600D polyester Oxford fabric which is extremely durable, standing up to rough handling, moving and being reused.  This durable fabric repels water and dust to help protect your customers’ clothing.

We have 2 styles – the Closet Garment Bag and the Travel Garment bag.  Both styles come in grey or black.  The Closet Garment Bag comes in 3 lengths (42”, 50”, and 62”) while the Travel Garment Bag comes in 2 lengths (42” and 62”).  Please see the enclosed flyer for more details.

Moso Natural Air Purifiers

Moso Natural Air Purifiers are a safe, sustainable solution for combating odors, pollutants, allergens and mildew in your home.  Moso Bags use 100% bamboo charcoal to purify air and neutralize odors naturally. With a lifetime of up to 2 years, these eco-friendly air purifiers can be rejuvenated and reused over and over again!  Bags are sized to suit different spaces –  Moso Bag 200g covers 90 square feet and Moso Bag 500g covers 250 square feet.

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