What can Garment Storage Bags Be Used for?

April 29, 2014
We're all familiar with the use of garment storage bags for wedding and prom dresses. There's nary a girl out there who hasn't fretted over the state of her gown and used a garment bag to keep it pristine, moth-free, and ready to go. But many people overlook the fact that these storage bags can be used for so much more! Here are a few of the most common uses for these items:

  • Military Uniforms. There are few garments that become such an important part of family history as a military uniform. Whether it was worn in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard or Coast Guard, your uniform is a part of who you are and proof that you served your country. Older military uniforms (for instance, your grandfather's WWII uniform) become even more meaningful, but also more fragile, as time goes on. A garment storage bag will help keep your uniform preserved and parade-ready.

  • Furs. Furs are among the most expensive garments you can buy, and while very robust in many ways, they can also be damaged rapidly by pests and moisture. A muslin garment bag works nicely to protect a fur coat for long-term storage and allows it to hang, which will keep it in better shape, longer.
  • Keepsakes. There are a variety of special occasion garments that may never see use again, but are important to keep for sentimental reasons—and if they're worth keeping, they are worth protecting. Many people save baptism/Christening gowns, Boy Scout or Girl Scout uniforms, a baby's first set of clothing, or a graduation gown. All of these garments are likely to last longer if stored properly in garment bags. 
  • Designer Clothing. Garment storage bags are not only for items you don't wear. If you prefer having designer fashion in your wardrobe, then you're making a major investment in something that you don't want to see damaged. After all, that Oscar de la Renta gown that you're planning to wear to the next charity benefit is worthy of the red carpet! There's no sense in tossing something like that on a normal hanger and hoping that the moths don't get to it. A muslin bag with a padded hanger can protect your clothing, while keeping it ready to wear so that you don't have to rush to the dry cleaners.
What garments do you have that are important enough to protect?

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