Preserving First Communion Memories

April 23, 2023

Springtime is here and with the blooming of flowers and foliage, and it may also bring a new chapter in your child’s life: First Communion.

Along with making the important First Communion Sacrament comes the need to purchase a communion dress for your little girl or a suit for your little boy.  Whether you have already obtained a dress or suit, or you are running out soon to get one, the main question after the mass has finished and your child has completed their First Communion is what to do with the clothing now?

Personally, that answer was easy, and, I’m sure, for many of you.  Preserve it!           

First Communion Dress Preservation

Preserving the outfit is important whether it be just for the sake of memories – like my mom did – or, if you’re like the Moiser family in Hawaii, which has a tradition of passing the family First Communion dress from generation to generation.               

The story of one dress

Two gnerations of the Moiser family have worn the family's First Communion dress: the grandmother and the mother.  Now, it was time for the daughter to make her First Communion and to wear that special dress.

Unfortunately, they did not preserve the dress properly, and it was not in the best shape when the time came for the daughter to complete the Sacrament.  Luckily, the family was able to restore the dress in time for their daughter’s communion, and this time, they knew to keep the dress in a proper garment bag, like the one we have here at Foster-Stephens.

Our child-size muslin garment bag is a great way to store and keep your child’s special clothing safe.  It can be personalized and also acts as a buffer to light and other contaminants that can harm the fabric.  It’s the perfect way to preserve your child’s clothing and the memories it brings!

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