Protect Your Valuables as Seasons Change

September 28, 2015

I am sure you have all noticed that fall is officially here.  Not all of us may get the snow, ice and zero degree weather but we all experience some kind of temperature change as our weather patterns move and the heat drops farther south.  So my topic today is covering your summer clothing but really, everything here is the same advise I would give for your winter clothing when summer solstice seems just about in our reach once again.  So, let's talk about organizing, simplifying and protecting your summer clothing.  Do not be overwhelmed by your closet.  Just set aside a few hours one day and let's get this tackled!


So, why should you give up a few hours on your precious Saturday when you could be at the grocery store deciding if you should add kale to your diet because everyone else is trying it?  Because just like me you are probably not one of the Beverly Hills Housewives who has the maid organize her closet weekly because it is the size of a small home.  There are several good reasons you should take the time to organize your closet.  Like me, you have worked hard to earn a living and buy yourself items that make you feel good.  Protect your investment!

  • * Less clutter in your closet
  • * An organized closet makes it easier to put together your outfit for the day
  • * Find your matching accessories much easier
  • * Packing and protecting your clothes make them last for years longer
  • * Less likely to have a pest problem in your clothes
  • * Donating things you no longer wear is a philanthropic move

A winter vacation is much easier to pack for when your bathing suit and shorts are clean and ready to go in a specific container. Bon Voyage!


Icon, hotel, retro.

So let's start our DIY project by sorting all of our summer clothes.  You want to make two separate piles.  If you have a lot of laundry baskets like I do (product of all my children leaving the nest), you can use two baskets to keep them in neater piles.

  • Make a donation pile.  Let's face it, you haven't looked at that Tommy Hilfiger top in years and you know it just does not fit you anymore. Time to say goodbye.
  • Make a pile for packing.  These are the items you love and cannot live without.  This pile will be sorted into three new piles as soon as you move the donation pile to your SUV. Sort these into:
    • Hand wash
    • Dry Clean
    • Regular Laundry

Wash everything that you want to pack away for the season.  The best reason is they will smell so nice and fresh when you unpack them for your vacation or for summer.  Washing will also prevent stains from occurring and damaging your favorite white capris.  Washing also helps prevents moths and other pests from making a home in your clothes and ruining what is yours.

Shoe polish with brush, cloth and worn ladies court shoe on wooden platform.

Shoes Even if you don't own any Manilos,  chances are you have spent a pretty penny on some of your designer footwear.  Make them last! Wipe them down to remove debris and condition and clean all of your leather shoes.  Pack them up nicely in boxes and make sure you store them in breathable containers which is crucial for your leathers. 

After all of your keepers are washed, stack your clothing lightest to heaviest with the heaviest on the bottom of your piles.  This will prevent unnecessary creasing and stretching of fragile fibers.  A good idea is to put a sheet of acid-free tissue between garments.  The tissue will pull moisture away from your clothes and keep sequins and other metal decorations from interacting.  A 100% muslin cotton wrap will also protect your clothes from contaminants.  Silica is another preventative measure from too much moisture on your clothes.

Now you are ready to pack into containers.  

Leave room for air to circulate in your containers.  Cedar Sachets are moth deterrents. Always store in a cool, dark place like your closet, away from heat and light.





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