Introducing our Line of Boxes Handmade in England

December 13, 2013

Since Foster-Stephens’ has been in business since 1936, our product line has changed and expanded many times. In my 18 years with the company, I have brought new and exciting products to our market such as our muslin garment bags and covers. In 2009 we purchased the Treasure Chest line by Keystone and once again expanded our business. I recently came across boxes being handmade in England and fell in love with the concept of a handmade box that not only looks different from the other boxes here in the United States but also was much more versatile than the preservation boxes manufactured here. This is why I decided to set out for Foster-Stephens’ to become a distributor in the US for The Empty Box Company. These boxes not only fill the purpose of preservation and storage of precious textiles from wedding gowns to christening gowns to elegant lingerie and fancy accessories, they also are boxes that the average person would love to put on display in their home as well as suit the purpose of starting the preservation process as a gift box. What better way to present a bride with a preservation box than to give her a wedding shower gift in a beautiful, fancy wrapped box ready for reuse? Instead of buying a baby shower gift and spending money on wasteful wrap that will end up in the garbage, present the baby gift in our Empty Box baby box which is adorable and makes the perfect storage container for a christening outfit or special baby garment. Our Bridal Kit is the perfect gift from the mother of the bride or maid of honor. The destination bride will be proud to carry around her dress in the Empty Box Destination Kit with the many colorful, decorative patterns. The 4 sizes of hat boxes have so many uses and are an unusual item to find just anywhere. They are beautiful stacked on a dresser and will bring joy for years to come. We strive to become an environmentally friendly company with our support of which makes are relationship with The Empty Box perfect as they strive for the same goal. I hope our customers will find our new Empty Box boxes useful in helping our planet by eliminating wasteful wrapping paper as well as buying a product that will retain its usefulness for a long time to come. I hope that you will agree with me that these boxes are unique,

romantic and just precious!

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