Helping Families Store Memories for 3 Generations

October 16, 2014

As the leaves begin to fall and winter is encroaching on our relaxing summer days, Foster-Stephens’ is as busy as we get at any time of the year.  Weddings are taking place well into fall and as those brides go into their dry cleaner for a cleaning and boxing, we are filling orders for our suppliers as quickly as we can.  Foster-Stephens' has been helping families store memories for 3 generations, since 1936.

Our customers at home are all busy bringing out their winter wardrobe, organizing and cleaning their closets and hopefully pulling out their high fashions for a more permanent storage solution to keep them safe and sound.  We all have articles of clothing that we were so excited to purchase even if it meant spending more than we usually do.  We all have garments that were not just the latest fashion but meant something much more like a child’s communion dress, band uniform or grandpa’s military jacket.  These items are as irreplaceable as the photos commemorating these special days in our lives.  Keeping something tangible from that day is a precious opportunity that we can treasure forever by cleaning, preserving and storing them properly.

We want our products to be a signature of a family working 3 generations to give customers across the world a solution to capturing all of these moments and mementos we have worked so hard for. 

We expect our products to last your lifetime and more.  That is why we have revamped some of our kits and the accessories they come with.  You can TRUST us to know what you need to keep your wedding dress in as good of condition as the day you wore it down the aisle.  

With our new FREE return policy on all of our Museum Style boxes, you can be assured to get the right size for that perfect garment every time.    


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