Happy Mother’s Day Poem

May 12, 2023






A mother should keep her children's garments dear,

For they hold the memories of moments past and near.

Each garment is a tale of times gone by,

Of cherished moments shared, that never die.


The infant's first swaddling, so pure and small,

A reminder of a time before the child could crawl.

The dress worn on a day of special glee,

A treasure of a time that was meant to be.


The coat that kept them warm through winter's chill,

A symbol of a love that ever will.

The uniform that marked a milestone in life,

A memory of days that were free from strife.


Preserving these dear garments is a choice most wise,

For they hold the magic of memories, that never dies.

As our children grow and journey far away,

Their special clothes keep memories at bay.


And when they return, grown and full of grace,

These garments shall revive memories, in this sacred space.

A flood of emotions and feelings shall arise,

A chance to relive the love that never dies.


So, Mother, hold fast to these cherished things,

For they are a symbol of the love that you bring.

And when the time comes to pass them on,

They shall carry with them the memories, and love that you have drawn.


Poem courtesy of ChatGPT


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