Getting the Most out of Muslin Garment Bags

June 2, 2014
If you have any piece of clothing you want to hand down to your grandchildren or preserve for future generations, you may want to use a garment bag. Garment bags are protective barriers that help keep textiles in peak condition during long years of storage. They are the reason museums can display robes and gowns hundreds of years old and they are also the reason some families can keep furs, wedding dresses, and heirloom fashions in tip-top shape. Our garments bags are recommended by one of the top fashionistas in New York!
There are many kinds of garment storage bags, but for most family uses, muslin bags are a good all-around choice. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of muslin bags are:
  • Superior protection – While it may seem just fine to hang a dress or uniform in a plastic dry cleaning bag, these bags will not offer long-term protection. They are meant only to shield garments temporarily from dust and rain. They offer no protection against humidity, light or contaminants; in some cases, they will leech contaminants of their own. Muslin bags are meant specifically for long-term storage and provide superior protection.
  • All natural – Muslin bags for garment storage should be 100% cotton muslin and have no other fibers. This means they are completely natural, are environmentally friendly, and will decompose if you ever throw them away.
  • Lightweight – Unlike some archival materials, muslin bags are relatively lightweight. A single garment wrapped in a muslin bag should be no more difficult to handle than the garment on its own or in a simple dry cleaning bag.
  • Acid-free – One mistake many people make in storing garments is to wrap them in materials that are not acid-free. Mild acids in the materials will slowly eat away at the garments over time, resulting in destruction of fur, loss of dye color, discolored leather, and weakening of fabrics. Muslin bags are acid free and safe for your textiles.
While muslin is a great storage material for all of these reasons, it's not right for every use. For example, muslin bags can help reduce the effects of humidity on your stored garment, but are not humidity proof like some archival materials. Similarly, muslin is unlikely to protect your garment from rips or sharp objects, so garments in muslin bags must be handled with care.
Do you use muslin bags to protect your heirloom clothing? Why do you prefer muslin?

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