Family Time Capsules

May 5, 2015
family time capsule
The Family Time Capsule-No, I’m not talking about something you bury in the ground for someone to find years later.  I am talking about a carefully stored preservation box that will hold and store some of the most memorable moments of your life!

Being a mom, obviously time capsules that involve my kid’s trinkets are the most special to me.  They grow up so fast, don’t they?  You may remember to take the time to clean and preserve the christening outfit, the first communion dress or suit or maybe that first prom dress.  Maybe your mother-in law came after you to return the family heirloom that every child has been christened in: cleaned, pristine and back in a preservation box.  But do not put off time on other special little items that someday will mean so much to look at, touch and show and tell!  I have at least six time capsules in my closet.  Two for each of my three kids.  

When each of my children were born and started to grow like weeds, I picked out little things to put aside that meant something special to them or to me.  For my oldest it was a white bonnet with her name embroidered in pink on it.  I still cannot believe that she was once that small.  I also have things like a keepsake hanky meant to make it to her wedding, her first pair of walkers (so cute!) and her favorite doll, favorite beanie baby, her first tiny swim suit (she started at 3 mos.) and so many other precious things! Her second time capsule is of older but important events in her life such as her robe from high school graduation, ribbons, prom purse, some items she had sewn and her scrap book. I can get teary just thinking about these things!

For my second daughter I just had to keep her favorite binky as she was the only one who used one, my favorite 1st birthday dress, her favorite stuffed horsey (now she has the real thing), the most adorable head bands and barrettes and so much more!  Her other time capsule has graduation gowns as well and many of her equestrian competition ribbons, and special mementos from when she used to go to summer horse camp.  One minute she was six years old and now she is twenty-four and living her life out from under my wing.

My youngest, my baby boy who is just about to enter his senior year in college, has his favorite blanket in his.  Yes, he was a blanket boy….many others were just worn to shreds but I have one good one that someday I hope he shares with his son.  His first Cubs outfit is in there as well as his favorite Teddy Bear and his toys.  His favorite movie Dumbo is also at home in this time capsule.  That video went thru the rewind so much I think it wore out two VHS players. 

That little bit of time I took years ago to put something aside, has enabled me to create family stories for my children.  Their stories.  These items can never be replaced and looking at a photo just does not do justice to the actual item in your hand with all of the little scrapes and tears that demonstrates your young child leaving their mark. 

Get going on your family time capsules!  All you need is a nice size preservation box and acid-free tissue and you won’t believe how appreciated it will be in the future.  By you, and your family.  See all of our items that will help you achieve your goal of family stories!



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