Destination Weddings

January 12, 2010

More and more brides are planning a destination wedding. Instead of having a “Wedding Day” it becomes the “Wedding Event”. For a new bride, a one day celebration can become a more memorable sequence of days with family and friends arriving with plenty of time to spare for rest, relaxation and celebrating at a chosen local.
Whether you pick a location for sun and surf like Mexico or Hawaii or for the lights and excitement of Las Vegas, the Destination Wedding can save a bride and groom plenty of money as well.

No matter where the bridal party is traveling to, the wedding gown/ensemble will need to look fresh and unwrinkled for the ceremony. Airlines no longer let brides carry on their gown to be stored in a cabin closet. It will have to be checked as baggage or brought aboard as a carry on to be stored in an overhead compartment. If you feel confident enough to check it, you will need one of our large Keepsake Preservation Boxes. They come with their own shipping carton and handle to help you carry it with you. If that does not seem like an option, Foster-Stephens can provide just what you need to bring it safely with you.
Our 072R non-woven Double Handle Garment Bag will handle any size dress and is easy to carry with you. No one will be able to see the dress and it has a special pocket for identification. For simpler dresses we recommend one of our Travel Kits. Your dress will fit in nicely and you can carry it aboard and store it in the overhead bin above your seat. All of our Keepsake Preservation Kits come with packing instructions.
Once you arrive, try these quick fixes for wrinkles: Hang your gown on the bathroom door, close the door and run the shower on hot until the room is filled with steam. This will relax most wrinkles. Also, travel with a portable hand steamer.
Whether your dream wedding is on a beach, at a castle or near your home, Foster-Stephens’ can provide the perfect storage solution for you. Your life is filled with many special memories…..each one is worth preserving!

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