Delayed Wedding Plans

June 26, 2020

As we all struggle through these unprecedented times, Foster-Stephens has received calls, emails and chats from brides desperate for our help.  How do we take care of our wedding dress for our delayed or postponed wedding? Since social distancing looks like something that will be with us for quite some time, couples are delaying their weddings a year or more.   If you find yourself in this awful predicament, our heart goes out to you.  Here is what we can do to help you with your dress care from now until the big day.  Pack it with care in one of our Museum Style Kits, Classic Kits or Archival Muslin Garment Bag Kit until the big day.  Keeping your dress in a dark closet where the air temperatures are stable is crucial.  If your dress is heavy or has sleeves, try to box it to prevent stretching and pulling.  If it is light or sleeveless, hanging is a good option to prevent creases.  Your bridesmaids may need an appropriate bag, your mother and mother-in law for their carefully chosen dresses and for your flower girl.  These items need to be carefully protected in a dark closet until the time comes.  We hope that your dream wedding still happens although maybe not quite the way you planned.  May love and light guide you down this road of uncertainty.  

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