Reasons Why You Should not use Coroplast or Plastic Boxes

April 25, 2012

There are several companies out there trying to convince people to preserve their precious garments in plastic boxes or coroplast. Think of plastic bins or the crates that the US Postal Service uses to hold mail and this is exactly what I am referring to. We already know from DLI or the former International Fabricare Institute that to use this type of box: * Humidity must be low when boxing * Cold or humidity can result in localized condensation/mildew * It can cause color migration * It will generate electrostatic charge which damages fibers. I have received many calls over my 17 year career with Foster-Stephens' from brides or dry cleaners dealing with a dress that was in a Foster-Stephens' box and had survived a fire with either just smoke or water damage. These gowns were saved because they were as good as new with a cleaning. The joy was so evident that these treasured memories were rescued that these people would take the time to find someone here at the office to say thank you to. We also know that plastic melts unlike cardboard. When I heard the following story today I was heartbroken for this woman. Many of her precious clothing items and keepsakes could have been saved if only it was packed in cardboard. This wedding gown preservationist said that the woman came in her shop and said she had been living in a condo. Last February, someone in another unit fell asleep with a lit cigarette and fourteen units were destroyed. She had finally for the first time been allowed into what had been her unit. Anything in plastic was not only destroyed due to fire and melted plastic but also smelled horrible. The plastic storage containers in her closet were destroyed with everything in that closet. Although it was very difficult to recognize and find anything in the debris, the bride did know the location of some things that were important to her. She rescued some heirloom bed linens and other things that were hanging in an auxiliary closet. She also rescued some crystal, shoes and a few other things that were packed in paperboard boxes. Fires are devastating as it is. Pack your precious items in cardboard so they at least have a chance of survival. With the expediency of first responders, fires are often under control before destroying everything. Smoke, water and heat damage can be extensive but not enough to destroy cardboard. It will not melt!

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