Clothing Care Tips

April 4, 2014

Along with good and regular cleaning and mending techniques, your clothes will last longer from proper care and storage. For instance, clothes that will be stored more than a season need to be free of moths, moisture, and sunlight.
Here are several tips that will help your clothes to last longer:

General Clothing Care
• Seal threads on each button by dabbing the center with clear nail polish, on all new garments.
• Use a lint roller or wrap tape around your finger with the sticky side out to remove lint from a small area quickly.
• Always brush with the nap instead of against it when removing dust and lint.
• To keep your zippers working smoothly, rub zipper teeth occasionally with wax. Use an old candle for this purpose.
• You can quickly remove wrinkles by running a hot shower and hanging your garment on the back of the bathroom door and close. The steam will remove the wrinkles.

Seasonal Storage
If you have special heirloom items and wool sweaters to store, you'll find that the time spent on storing your clothes properly will reward you the next time you get them out of storage. There will be no moth holes, no mildew, and best of all, no need for replacements.
Repelling Moths:
• Above all make sure that your clothing is clean and free of soil and dirt. Bugs are attracted to it.
• Make sure your closet is cleaned and vacuumed on a regular basis. This picks up larvae so that they cannot develop.
• Sealed and zippered bags cans make good storage containers for clothing. For short term air-tight containers can work well as you won't need to add mothballs.
• A fresh sanding to your old cedar closet will open the wood's pores and release a fresh cedar odor. This deters moths.
• The fumes from mothproofing products filter downward so keep them high up.
Deterring Moisture:
• To prevent mildew from forming use a moisture filtering barrier like an archival muslin bag, non-woven bags and silica.
• In humid climates, corrugated boxes can be used for clothes storage but can benefit with the help of archival muslin wraps, non-woven, zip paks or silica.

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