Announcing Our New International Shipping and Payment System!

January 24, 2017

We're happy to unveil our new international shipping and payment system. It is designed to make it easier for our international customers to pay and ship from Foster-Stephens to their location.  We are excited about the opportunities it provides for our international customers.  Please see below for some hints and instructions on using it.

Pick your countryPlease note the area where you can choose your country, is highlighted by the purple arrow.  You can click on the flag at the top at any time during your session to change countries.

This system will include duties & taxes if you wish.  And you can pay using PayPal or any one of 6 credit cards.  Shipping is by UPS.

UK Shipping

This is the international page for filling out your shipping and billing addresses. 

Please note that the UPS shipping rates, duties, & taxes are not displayed until after your address is in the system.  You cannot click on place an order without filling that in.  You have an opportunity to change your country if necessary when you fill out this form.

Note that this page is in British Pounds.  Not all countries have their payments in the local currency, but many do.


Canada Shipping

After you have entered your address, you will be given several options.  First is shipping -- here you can choose how fast you want UPS to deliver your package to you.  Below that, by the middle arrow, you will be given a choice to pay duty and taxes (if applicable to your country) up front, or pay them when you get the package.

On the right is your payment options.  Paypal or 6 different credit cards. 

Please note in this example, that the charge is in US dollars, but there is an estimate of the cost given in the local currency below the total.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected]

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