A New Solution – Muslin Garment Bags

November 20, 2008

Whether you are a costume archiver, a housewife or a veteran, your special garments need special care.

Maybe it is your wedding gown picked up eight months before the wedding, or your first born childs delicate christening gown or your grandfather, long time deceased whose army jacket is now in your protection: Foster-Stephens’ muslin garment bags offer another option for storage of these precious keepsakes.

Our muslin garments bags can be hung in your darkened closet and will take up less space than the traditional boxing method. Our muslin garment bags will buffer against atmospheric changes such as humidity levels. They will combat fumes and smoke and filter dust from damaging your textiles. You have made an investment in a special garment for a special occasion or your have a special keepsake filled with memories of a special person or special time.

Protect your investment properly with the right storage material that Foster-Stephens’ can provide you. NEVER leave your garments in the plastic poly bag in which you bought them.Our muslin garment bags are sized to fit all types of items. From our 38” Muslin Christening bag which is perfect for all baby and small children clothes to our 42” Suit Bag which is also great for jackets, leather coats and special linens. Our longer muslin bags are 62” and 70” and are perfect for every garment from your wedding gown to your winter coat.

We have two size muslin hangers for children and adults. These hangers are essential for preservation because they do not contain any kind of metal or foam. They are muslin with a filling consisting of batting which will not break down. They have pearl buttons to hold straps in place.

Treat your special memories with care and preserve them properly. They are well worth the investment!

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